Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Blog Url

Dear peeps, I'm transferring everything onto another blog, will not continue to write here.

Here's the link,

Thanks for supporting and reading my blog! Much love. ♥ 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let The Sun Shines On You ♥

I always receive comments saying that I'm a very confident and strong person. I can't neither say I am or am not cause we, humans, have flaws and cannot be perfect and there's always something that you somehow feel insecure in. It may be because you're fat or stupid, I don't know, whatever it is you just have to get rid of that feelings or thoughts. Of course it won't be easy, don't you realize it's harder to achieve things that will make you happy and satisfy? That's just life and yes, it sucks.

Alright, you're a little confused. Let me tell you something about me. I'm 160cm tall, don't doubt, I just appear to be taller cause I'm super skinny. I usually eat like an elephant but no matter how much I eat, I just won't gain weight. It's a happy/sad issue, I can't tell which. And this, this particular reason, left me unsatisfied with no boobs and ass. You know what I mean, visible curves, cleavage, those which looks really good in bikinis. So sad, I mean, if I don't have that, at least let me have a 170cm height so that I can still look good like a runway model, someone like Keira Knightley.

Well, my point is, I'm not happy with my boobs but there's nothing that I can do about it right? Nonononono, I don't want to have fake boobs, I don't mind others doing this, but not me. So when there's nothing that you could do to fix it, then leave it and try to look past it. Don't hold on to the unhappy issues you have, it's like holding grudges against your ex. :(

What you have to do is let go, smile and tell yourself that you're so much better than so many people out there, there's always someone who has worse problems than you so why be sad? When I feel sad about my boobs, I tell myself, 'hey! At least I can eat whatever I want!' unlike some people out there having a dilemma whether or not to have an ice-cream or diet coke. That's just so depressing. (Good luck in losing weight though!) :]

And the most important thing! Stop feeling sorry for yourself as if the world did you wrong. You know it's really pathetic letting your friends to see you like this most of the time? You never listen when your friends tell you that you're all fine. You shut yourself inside a dark room, now slide open that curtain and let the sun shines on you. :]

Head held high, shoulders back, smile. You can have the world spinning for you. :)
Best wishes to you! ♥

Friday, April 6, 2012

♥ Lala's 21st Birthday Party

Skipping all those details on how us girls prepared ourselves to attend the party, we started the night having dinner at the Italiannies. A big thank you to Kar Seong who paid for my dinner and for being my driver for a day, oh, and the chocolates. :')

Also, am very happy to know some new awesome friends. Crazy ones. Owh don't worry, will introduce them one by one later with photos. :]

This, is the birthday boy, or should I say, the birthday man, Lala, and of course with his girlfriend. :]

The lovely girls I've met. Kristen. Artemis. Chilly. Eve. *Clockwise starting from top left* Single or not? Ask them, I have no idea. LOL
DJ Mong for that night. Fantastic baby made everyone fly up high. :D

The lengzais. Okay, I only know 4 of them. I suck I know. AHAHAH! Don't worry, will get closer after some hangouts. ;)
Next coming on, sweet couples rule the world.

Jesse and his girl. Ma de, so dang dui. Beh tahan. >.<
I don't know this couple but oh, who cares, they're so sweet. When will it be my turn to be like this? :/
OMG. Didn't know my partner is a gay. :O
And, the ultimate Lan Yeng Duo. It's dark in there and they're still wearing shades. =.= God knows why.
This hot Chilly was trying to get all the guys. Carson. Chon Khee. Kar Seong.
Seducing the poor Chon Khee. He was trying to say, 'Don't rape me missy.' :P
So for the payback, I did this. *Evil laughs*

Proved: Look at her face. AHAHAHAHA! :P
Some group photos before heading home and beds. Pst pst, if you noticed, Lala was completely wasted. ;) ♥
This is my favorite pic for the night cause I somehow look gorgeous here. Okay, you may shoot me down for being such a narcissist. :P

Ciao everyone. :]